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As lockdown restrictions are eased over the next few weeks and months, more and more people will be returning to their jobs and workplaces.

Your company may not have the facilities, or it may not be viable for your employees to work from home. In any case, as an employer, you are still responsible for the health and well-being of your employees, for ensuring a smooth operation for employees returning to work and for running your company going forward in the future.

In this situation, it is most important that there is an effective method of tracking all contacts for a person infected with Covid-19 within your company, should this diagnosis occur, but you may now know…

- Who has been sitting near an infected person in the canteen or in the office?
- Who was in the meeting with the infected person last week?
- Who were their colleagues on the recent late shift?

What is our Solution?

In order for your employees to work safely during these times, to take into account any employee concerns and to minimize any business damage in the event of an infection, Fairfield are distributors for a location and interaction capture system developed by HID in partnership with Prompt Health and RFIDIOM Limited, which utilizes individually-assigned Bluetooth low energy sensors which can track personnel on a real-time basis around your site, ensuring safety and peace of mind for employees.

Businesses are facing many challenges getting their employees to return to their place of work once restrictions around Covid-19 are lifted.

Returning to the workplace, employers will have to deal with how to control the levels of interaction within their workforce and may be held accountable by the government for not only identifying any infected employees, but also the chain of infection back to the original host.

Benefits for Employers

- You can be certain that 100% of employee contacts will be tracked.
- You can enable optimal contact tracing in situations where home office working is not an option or when employees have to work on site again.
- Access to the contact details as soon as possible without delay to the health authorities.
- The complete system (both hardware and software) is Plug and Play compatible and immediately available for use. You can roll this solution out across a number of different sites in a very short space of time.
- You can track a possible infection chain seamlessly and therefore only inform the relevant employees or send them to quarantine, rather than closing a whole department area, or even a complete location due to lack of real-time information and transparency.

Benefits for Employees

- Safely interact with other people within your workplace.
- Safely determine and potential exposures you might have had to a Covid-19 infected colleague at work.
- Quickly react to any exposure(s) you might have had to infected colleagues and therefore minimize the chance of spread of disease.
- Identify any visitors who have been in proximity with a member of staff along with the contact duration and start/end times.
- Finely detailed contact tracing using user-level reporting
- Lighter and smaller form factor than a smartphone

How it Works

The Contact Tracing Surge Rapid ResponseDeployment Kit includes HID Location Services platform and WorkflowRT software, delivering real-time data insights and intelligence that can help minimize the exposure.

From receipt, within a very short space of time, businesses can digitally account for staff and visitors through defined zones and geofences, providing full analytics around the movement of a person. More importantly, employers can trace potential interaction patterns and determine who may have been exposed.

Our Solution in Action

Here’s an example of our solution being used in tracking Covid-19 patients within a local health clinic. The different zones shown could easily be parts of your warehouse, office or factory operations...

System Features

- Fast set-up using real-time location hardware and secure cloud software that allows the solution to be up and running within hours.
- Monitor visitors and staff using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled credentials, pre-provisioned to each person on site.
- Creation of “Safe Zones” using geofencing and send instant alerts when people move out of their designated areas.
- Access to real-time analytics which includes location within defined zones, contact type and contact duration within seconds (including start and end times) for each person.
- Stand-alone connectivity using BLE over cellular network and mobile devices minimizes disruption of service. No additional infrastructure, hardware or network wiring makes isolation areas easy to deploy.

Base Package

We have made it easy as possible for you by putting everything you need into ready-to-go ‘Base Package’, containing the following:

- Workflow RT Software for Contact Tracing (including 3 months’ subscription)
- 100 x prompt passes (location badges for staff and visitors)
- 10 x Location sensors
- 1 x 4G/WiFi Gateway (includes data service with Workflow RT subscription)
- Remote assistance for Set-up and ongoing Technical Support

Additional badges, sensors, gateways and software extension subscription are available

Call us now for pricing details and how quickly we can help you implement this system to ensure your workforce stay as safe as possible:

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