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Today's modern warehouse or logistics operations need to be slick and efficient to meet customer expectations. The need to locate and pick stock quickly and effectively is a must. Fairfield are specialists in labels suitable for all aspects of logistics operations and can advise on the most appropriate materials to help maximise the efficiency of your warehouse operations with a range of labels which perform and last - permanently.

We understand that all warehouses are different in their layout and formatting - therefore, the requirements on the labelling will differ. That's why Fairfield offer a range of labels, from basic level indicator labels, through to bar code variants with added colours for quick visual indication. Options are available for long-renge scanning and for temporary or re-usable labels, magnetic labels are available. For aisle location indication, we offer large signage for easy visibility - all ensuring your warehouse is labelled precisely to your exact requirements. Add in durable bin labels for a complete solution from Fairfield.

One of the more common formats is to combine text, barcodes and colours. Labels can be produced to indicate either one location, or as in the case below with the yellow band, split level indication.

Sometimes, warehouse operatives need to have the ability to re-format their warehouse quickly and rather than keep replacing labels, Fairfield offer magnetic labels which can easily be removed and used elsewhere in the warehouse.

For shelf level indication, Fairfield offer opaque labels, which can be applied over existing labels, with no "show-through" in a range of colour and formats.

For individual bin content description, durable labels are available, which not only show the bin contents in human-readable text, but also bar codes for quick scanning, offering a permanent, effective identification solution.

Get in touch with your design requirements and we'll create some samples for you, or tell us what you're looking for from your warehouse label and we'll do the rest!

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